Beirut celebrations 

Our vision at Beirut Celebrations is to provide the Lebanese with an opportunity to embrace their cultural heritage, and to promote nationalism through the involvement of the community throughout all the initiative preparation timeline, effectively the initiative itself. 

Director/ Founder: Najwa Baroody 
Vice President/Founder: Bushra Itani 
​Treasurer: Kamel Kabbani

Established in March 2012

Beirut Celebrations is a non-profit organization that initiates events and celebrations committed to uniting the Lebanese population. Beirut Celebration is for the people, by the people and aims to ultimately reach out to all Lebanese in order for them to embrace all this country has to offer.

· To create cultural events and activities that targets all age groups.
· To create events that reveals the diversity that is found in Lebanon.
· To create events that aim to install nationalism and pride.

. To enhance and strengthen democracy through participation and team work.

· To provide the youth of Lebanon with an arena to showcase their diverse talents.
· To encourage the spirit of teamwork through organized events and activities that brings together the 
   diverse Lebanese society.