October 10-2014 “UNITED HANDS ON THE WEB”

Location: on the web 
Republique a branding agency in Lebanon created for Beirut Celebrations United Hands on the Web.  A webpage was created, where all Lebanese could express their unity. With a click of a button they could stand hand in hand to create the world's first virtual human chain using Google Earth, in a show of unity that represented the national wish to mend our divisions.  Website: www.unitedhands.me

​​November 22-2014  “U FOR UNITED”, Location: MARTYR SQUARE, Independence Day Initiative

Under the patronage of The Minister of Tourism Michel Pharaon
Carrying on with the United Hands Initiative Beirut Celebrations organised an event for the Lebanon’s 71 years of Independence.  U For United sprang from the word united were we took onto ourselves to form the largest human letter in the world U for united with around 2000 participants.


Beirut Celebrations in collaboration with its sponsors and partners felt the urgency for all Lebanese to come together and unite. Following the 2 initiatives United Hands Across Lebanon initiative brought together 30,000 Lebanese in human chains in the main cities along the coast of Lebanon. Our aim was to showcase that we Lebanese are one unit in one country with one belief; our utmost belief being a united Lebanon for all Lebanese.


Date: OCTOBER 26, 2013

Location: Mar- Mikhail Train Station

In The Presence of His Excellency The President Of The Republic Of Lebanon, General Michel Suleiman
Presented by Minister of Public Works Mr. Ghazi Aridi
Under The Patronage of Mayor of Beirut Municipality Dr. Billal Hamad


Beirut Municipality| Domain Wardy | Socrate Catering | Choueifat Municipality | Credit Libanais | Blom Bank | Boushriye Municipality

Media Partners

Radio Sawt Al Ghad | Radio One | Assafir Newspaper | Future TV | Beiruting |
Daily Star 


 Beirut Celebrations organised a gala dinner to commemorate the men of Independence in the occasion of Lebanon’s 70 years of Independence.
The gala dinner took place in Mar –Mikhail historic train station were the train bunkers were transformed into an unforgettable dinner arena. Gigantic photos of the 12 men of the Independence decorated the steel walls while the stage was constructed around a Cedar Tree, the wall of fame did not have the logos of our generous sponsors but instead it commemorated the first flag were all the men of the 1943 Independence had signed on.

250 guests attended the dinner as well as a large number of local press and
foreign press. It was the first time that a non government institution had honored the Men of the 1943  Independence.
The Dinner funded the 2013 Independence Day Celebrations.

Date: NOVEMBER 22, 2013

Location: Martyr Square
Under the Patronage of His Excellency The President Of The Republic Of Lebanon, General Michel Suleiman
Represented by Minister of Information Mr. Walid Al Daouk

Beirut Municipality| Choueifat Municipality | Credit Libanais | Blom Bank | Tannourine | Fransabank | Libano Suisse | Fiesta
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Beirut Celebrations in partnership with Beirut Municipality presented the civil
Independence Celebrations 2013, which marked the 70-year anniversary of Lebanon’s independence. The Celebration consisted of 2 parts, the first being the IDC Parade that constituted of 1500 participants, which was followed by a stage program.

Date: MARCH 25 to APRIL 1, 2013
Location: Zaitunay Bay Roof Top
Bank Med | Lego | G For green living
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 Beirut Celebrations in collaboration with G for Green Living, organized A Green Easter Village which included, an Easter parade full of fun, artisans showcasing their creativity, art projects for the young ones, stage activities, an Easter egg hunt, and an Easter bunny that continuously visited the village.
The village also featured an area where children were able to learn about the importance of taking care and saving the environment, through recycling and reusing waste.


Lebnani Ko7 Hamra Str. Festival

June 25-26-2017

​Beirut Celebrations presented, Lebnani Ko7 a 2-day event that brings together the diverse cultural, businesses and arts sectors that Lebanon is famous for.
• The goal of this project is to highlight the uniqueness and diversity of the Lebanese culture.
• Over 200 participants came together in the heart of Beirut City, gathering more than 100,000 visitors, during Eid Al Fitr.
Hamra Street was animated with activities day and night, highlighting our history our heritage. Photo galleries and on-screen shows took place in each section of the festival.
• Live music, live shows, dancing, & various activities, aimed to expose in each visitor what Lebanon consists of and what makes it unique.
• Hamra Street was into various sections, each highlighting and showcasing its related title.
Accessibility: open – free of charge.

Independence Day 2017​

November 22
بطل كل يوم
Beirut Celebrations in partnership and support of Beirut Municipality proudly dedicated  the 2017 Independence Day Celebration  to the children and families of the Martyrs of the Lebanese army. 
The celebration  included  several stage shows and the children went home with  gifts offered by Happy Toys a meal offered  by Socrate, sweets by Araissi and Meia_Duzia.

Beirut Celebrations and Beirut Municipality brought a little joy to their hearts on this momentous day. 
#IndependenceDay #LebaneseArmy


Wed. Nov. 22nd ,2017
Meeting place : Ajami Square, Beirut Souks
Program•4:30pm |National Anthem
•4:35 – 4: 45pm | Official Speeches
•4:50 - 5:30pm | Entertainment
•5:30pm | Presents



Date: NOVEMBER 22,2012

Location: Martyr Square

Under the Patronage of His Excellency The President Of The Republic Of Lebanon, General Michel Sleiman,
Represented by Minister of  State Mr. Marwan Kheireddine


Prime Minister Mr Najib Mikati | House Of Parliement | Beirut Municipality |
Choueifat Municipality | Credit Libanais | Blom Bank | Tannourine | UFA | Bouchriye Municipality | Bank Med | Crepaway

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After 37 years of absence Beirut Celebrations in Partnership with Beirut Municipality had the honor to present The Civil Independence Day Celebration. The event took place in Martyr Square- Beirut city center and consisted of several activities, Folkloric shows and a parade related to the theme.
The main objective of this initiative was to involve Lebanon's diverse civil society, from citizens and activists, intellectuals as well as private and public institutions to interact in this Grand National day, which embodies the cohesion, unity and national solidarity among all segments of Lebanese society.

BC Launched 3 days prior the event A Call Of Patriotism on the web in partnership with Beirut.com, and Plus Properties.  Internet browsers who went to beirutcelebrations.com, or the IDC Facebook page would get a popup that would ask them to join the flag. 24.000 citizens joined the flag. The Nov. 22 Flag was printed and put on display in Downtown Beirut. What’s more BC created an Honorary Committee chaired By DR. Bilal Hamad head of Beirut Municipality and consisted of highly respected public figures and honorary members that helped in promoting the objectives of the IDC


• Men of The Independence in Vintage cars
• Cirque Du Liban 350 animators, dancers, musical bands
• The Lebanese ISF equestrian show
• The Lebanese  ISF band
• Scouts
• Beirut Fire Brigade
• Lebanese Red Cross
• Sukleen
• Schools
• Dancing Groups
• Concert by “Forsan Al Arbaa”

2011 | 2010

MARAYA 2010 - 2011
Maraya is an Independent initiative that was created for Hamra Street festival in 2010.  Owing to Maraya
Beirut Celebrations was created in 2012

Location:  HAMRA STREET 

Locations: Hamra Street

Maraya 2010 Activity

After A 12-year pause the Hamra St. Festival was an event long awaited for.The event was launched in a press conference that gathered most of Lebanon’s news papers, television stations, radio stations as well as social media press agencies. The press continued marketing the event before during and after.
The theme of the festival was who came first Hamra St. or the chicken
The festival started on Friday the 10th of September with the Maraya Parade crowned by Miss Lebanon 2010 and ended on Sunday12th with:  “Electronic Renaissance” band and a firework display. Comprised of three competitions which, were launched in Universities for this event, best painting for Hamra St., best short documentary and best logo of Maraya; winners won 2 tickets to Paris offered by MEA

Date: DECEMBER 17, 18, 19, 2010

Locations: Hamra Street, Qairo st. To Abdel Azziz st. 

Under the patronage of prime Minister Saad El Hariri


On behalf of the Hamra Street Commercial Association, Maraya 2010 launched 'A Christmas Twinkle'. Maraya worked hand-in-hand with clients to expand the growth of their businesses in addition to keeping Hamra in the limelight as a unique area that has demonstrated to be a central meeting point of diverse minds and spirits


Locations: Hamra Street


After bringing 2 highly successful events "Maraya 2010" and "A Christmas Twinkle", the Hamra Street Festival came back for Maraya 2011 with local acts performing live on sets, along with stands bringing you all sorts of fun, from food to clothes and jewelry. Maraya 2011 highlighted the importance of Green zones in urban areas by displaying work and research studies executed by the School of Agriculture at AUB, and worked hand in hand with George Frem Foundation to call attention to Lebanon’s major exported agriculture item, the Apple. George Frem’s Foundation Irshad, through their work with Lebanese farmers in funding and assisting farmers to modernize Lebanese Apple orchids set up several spots during the 3-day festival to bring awareness about their mission and distributed to the public Lebanese apples.​


Beirut celebrations 



Date: JULY 17, 18, 19, 2015   
Location: Pedestrian streets behind Beirut Municipality 
Under The Patronage of Mayor of Beirut Municipality Dr. Billal Hamad
Beirut Municipality| Ministry of Tourism | Solidere | Arope Insurance | Sukleen|
Credit Libanais | Bank Med

BC organized a 3-day street festival for the occasion of Eid Ramadan in the heart of Beirut central district behind Beirut Municipality and the surrounding pedestrian area.    
• Children Zone
• Game Zone
• Stage area
• F & B Zone
• Artisans Zones
• NGO Zone

Date: NOVEMBER 22- 2015
Location: Paris Street, Lighthouse Corniche, Beirut

Under The Patronage of Minister Pharaon represented by Deputy Serge Torsarkissian

Prime Minister Mr Tammam Salam
Ministry of Tourism | Beirut Municipality

Media Partners
Radio Sawt Al Ghad | Radio One | Assafir Newspaper | Future TV | Beiruting |
Daily Star 


For the fourth consecutive year BC after careful deliberation and in-depth discussion, with its partners opted for a discreet and smaller scale initiative out of consideration to the ongoing political and environmental crisis. BC provided the citizens with an event, a reminder of Lebanon’s Independence.  BC organized the IDC 2015 parade under the Title “Kay La Nansa Al Istiklal”.

The Independence Day Celebrations ‪2015 focused on a parade and an on stage show.

Date: DECEMBER 30- 2015

​Location: Fransabank Main Branch Courtyard, Express Coffee Shop  
During the holiday season Beirut Celebrations and The Lebanese Food Bank Organization teamed up to offer 200 children from several associations in Lebanon food,toys and books.
Asala Book Publishing  | EMA |  Classic Burger| Fanousi Association | Hog Lebanon | Joue Club | Krikita | Makased | MCI | Socrate
Media Partners
Beiruting | Future TV | LBCI | Daily Star


Spring Festival
May 21-22- 2016

Location: Makdessi Street

Under the patronage of The Ministry of Tourism
Beirut Celebrations had the honour to present to you a 2 day Spring Festival that took place on Makdessi Str. in the heart of Ras Beirut District, Hamra area. The
 2-day event held a spring market, children area, entertainment and music, in short activities for all ages.

Summer Festival
July 24-2016 

Location: Makdessi Street
Makdessi Str. Summer Fest. focused on lebanese and imported beers. The event
consisted of a market with a variety of handmade goods and imported goods as well as a food court , children entertainment by C to C, Stage managed by The Back Door and street animations by Circencielle.

Autumn Halloween Festival

October 30-2016

Location:Makdessi Street

After the success of Beirut Celebrations Makdessi Str. Spring & Summer  Summer Festivals, we decided to go ahead with these events and did the Autumn edition.

The event ran 2 contest, The Best Halloween Costume for Juniors & Adults & the Best  Halloween Booth Set Up.

The event included, a shopping market, a food court in association with Souk el Tayeb, Stage entertainment and a kids corner.


November 22-2016

Independence Celebrations 

Location: Sassine square, Hamra Str., Corniche, Beirut Souks

Under The Petronage of Beirut Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism
For the last 5 years Beirut Celebrations has been organizing the IDC civil events
This year we opted for a different kind of event, one in which the story of Lebanon be recounted by  a professional actor, narator. 
The event kicked of In Achrafiye Sassine square were the STORY TELLER Mohamad Assaf with 2 actors recounted  the history of Labanon' creation starting with the legend

of the Phoenix until 1943 Independence, reaching to the present day Lebanon, highlighting on important events that took place throughout.

From Sassine the Story teller moved on to Hamra St, Corniche Al Mannara, ending his trip i Beirut Souks were a parade took place after.

Holiday Food/Toy Drive 2016
December 22-2016

Location: Fransabank Express Cafe Hamra Street

Partner: Fransabank
​Giving Back This Holiday Season
For the second consecutive year, Beirut Celebrations and the Lebanese Food Bank Organisation have Come together in this holiday season in order to give back to associations who care for children some basic survival items that are on there wish lists.
During the holiday rush, it's easy to get caught up in buying gifts for our loved ones to show we love them. But for the 30 % of Lebanese living in poverty, reality looks much different, their wish lists cannot be offered to them.For this reason and in the spirit of giving back, our aim is to offer them basic survival items as well as toys to bring a smile to their faces.

Harley Davidson Santa came on bike and offered the kids toys donated by Joue Club,

a hot meal was offered by TOUT Res. and the kids went back with a bag full of food basics offered by generous Lebanese suppliers.


Mothers Day Pop Up Market
March 19-2017

Location:Makdessi Street
Street markets are fun events were people meet up spend a day walking, buying, eating in a car free zone atmosphere.
On the occasion of Mothers Day and the coming of Spring, Mothers’ Day Market  consisted of entertainment for all ages and vendors with goods that will satisfied all tastes.
 In the event
1.Street Pubs And Restaurants
4.Flower market
5.Live Shows
6.Live Music, Dj
7.Kids zone